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The cities we currently cover (besides the five above): Toronto, Milan, Florence, London, Madrid, Munich, Vancouver, Vienna, Dubai, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Jerusalem, Lisbon, Mexico City, Nairobi, Porto, Prague, Reykjavik, and Sydney.

Our newest locations/cities: Athens, Auckland, Bath, Belgrade, Bogota, Budapest, Bucharest, Cairo, Dublin, St. Petersburg, Casablanca, Veracruz, and Cancun.

America Please

Visit some of the best large American cities to discover all that the U.S. has to offer: Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, Philadelphia, Savannah, Sedona, Washington D.C., New Orleans, San Francisco, and Boston.

Focus on Hawaii

We love Hawaii, and you should too. Explore Oahu, Hawaii (the Big Island), Kauai, and Maui. So many great thing to see and do in the Aloha State.

Let’s Go Scandinavia

Head north to Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, or Helsinki* for some nordic adventures. *No fake news here Finland isn’t technically in Scandinavia, but right next door.

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