Curated Activities – Veracruz Day Tours

Catemaco and Los Tuxtlas Jungle

Tourists walking toward a waterfall in the Los Tuxtlas jungle.

Yes a real jungle and a monkey island, not a theme park version. Enjoy a private guide for this getaway from the city. Add in an up-close look at an Olmoc collossal head, reminiscent of the Easter Island heads. – by Viator.

Quiahuiztlan, Cempoala and La Antigua

Ancient stones in Veracruz, Mexico.

Veracruz Day Tours Highlight: Pyramids, stone circles and Conquistador chapels pretty much sums up this history-infused day out. – by Get Your Guide

Coatapec and Coffee Tastings

Various groups of coffee beans laid out on a table in Veracruz.

Forget the tequila for a day and see Old Mexico on this tour of colonial coffee plantations and the Coffee Museum. Plenty of tastings will make you an expert on coffee nuances. – by Viator

El Tajín Ruins and Papantla

The El Tajin ruins in Veracruz, Mexico.

Though a long drive, the lively guide makes the time pass as you make your way to this incredible testament to Totanac culture. Mexico is not all Mayans and Aztecs! – by Viator.

Snorkeling at Isla de Enmedio

Snorkel equipment arranged on a table in Isla de Enmedio nature preserve near Veracruz, Mexico.

A short boat trip from Veracruz takes you into the Gulf of Mexico to a reef teeming with sea life at the Isla de Enmedio Nature preserve. All gear and refreshments provided. – by Viator

“Keep Calm and Viva Mexico. – Anonymous

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