Curated Activities – Brussels Day Tours

Mussels and Frites Class

Students eat mussels and frites after a cooking class in Brussels, Belgium.

Moules, as they are called in Belgium, are a national obsession, so much so they are a chain fast food all over Europe. Learn to make mussels and fries the Belgian way, with the right fresh dipping sauce. A delicious class. – by Viator

Family Chocolate Making

A woman and child at a chocolate making class in Belgium.

Belgium is known for chocolate. Learn the art of dipping and forming candies, make a chocolate tart, and eat up your creations. A must do. – by Viator

Ultimate Waffles

A family learns the art of Belgium waffle making.

Forget Eggos and sad dough chunks from the freezer. Assemble fluffy, crunchy, awesome waffles with a local who will also throw in a lot of Belgian history. Complimentary drink as you eat your creation. – by Get Your Guide

Beer Tastes in Old Town

Two men analyze a beer's color in Brussels, Belgium.

From light ales to a Trappist classic, you’ll get to know the Belgian style. While each European country claims to make the best beer, it’s up to you to decide if Belgium does. The final pour is in a classic bar where you are free to stay on and drink with locals. – by Viator

Brussels Walking Tour Highlights

The main square in Brussels, Belgium.

As capital of the European Union,. Brussels is a cosmopolitan destination. But with layers of history and a fun arts district, it’s not a city that is always serious. Get to know this quintessential walking city. – by Get Your Guide

“I think I ate too many waffles.– Unknown

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