Curated Activities – Jackson Hole Day Tours

Grand Teton Wildlife Spotting

Tourists on a safari in Grand Teton National Park.

Wyoming has plenty of wild left. Board a vintage tough truck and head into the Grand Teton park for wildlife spotting. Showing up just before dusk means you’ll have a better chance at seeing bison, bears, elk, moose and soaring eagles – by Get Your Guide

Snake River Rafting

Tourists rafting on Snake River in Wyoming.

Jackson Hole Day Tours Top Pick: Hear and see nature as it should be, from a quiet ride on a river. Moose and bald eagles are a typical sight, but don’t be surprised at a bear sighting. If you choose the longer ride, you’ll see the Tetons. Bring your photo gear or at least your phone. – by Viator

Winter Elk Spotting

Elk eating near a group of tourists.

Take a magical visit into the National Elk Refuge via horse-drawn sleigh on this winter adventure. The resilience of wildlife in all seasons is impressive, not to mention beautiful. Very nice lunch included. – by Viator

Yellowstone and Old Faithful

Jackson Hole Day Tours: A grand waterfall in Yellowstone Park.

Jackson Hole Day Tours Highlight: You know when you are headed to someplace spectacular if you kind of hurry through Grand Teton. Be ready for some easy hikes and wear your layers to be sure you are comfortable. You can best see geysers and waterfalls with a hike. Old Faithful is easy to see and your trip will be timed for it. – by Get Your Guide

Petroglyphs in the Tetons

A group of tourists in front of a set of petroglyphs.

An expert guide helps you spot bison, elk, muledeer and more, plus identify many birds. But far and away the most impressive are the existing ancient petroglyphs left by long-ago native hunters. – by Viator

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.” – Anonymous

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