Moscow Day Tours

Curated Tours and Activities in Moscow

Moscow day tours and activities. Curated activities and tours. Walking tours, learn about Communism, ride in a tank and more.

Dinner in a Monastery

Enjoy a rustic repast of house-made breads and soups in a 700 year old monastery, following in the footsteps of luminaries like Napoleon Bonaparte and Vasily the Third. – by Viator

Night Tour in a Soviet Van

Moscow Day Tours: Night tour in a Soviet era van.

From Sparrow Hills to Lenin’s Tomb to a peek inside the venerable GUM department store, this is Moscow to the max. The van is stocked with beer, Russian Champagne, and snacks. Choose the caviar upgrade for the full experience. – by Viator

Communist Era Walking Tour

Learn the harsh reality of the Russian Revolution as you tour monuments to the millions killed for political reasons. See Red Square and the KGB headquarters. – by Viator

Tanks and Bazookas

Moscow Day Tours Adventure: Pack your ear plugs because you are going to ride in a real tank and fire a real bazooka. Complete your day with Russian field rations and vodka. – by Viator

Moscow Walking Tour

Join your small group for a walk through Moscow which is also a walk through ehe epic history of Russia, from Ivan the Terrible to Lenin and more. Lunch at the best restaurant in Moscow included. – by Viator

β€œTo Moscow, to Moscow, to Moscow!” – Anton Chekhov