Curated Activities – La Paz Day Tours

Titicaca and Tiwinaku in One Day

Wildflowers grace the banks of Lake Titicaca.

If your culture is before the Incas, your culture is old. Visit the ruins of a sun-worshipping civilization dating to 200 A.D. in what was once a thriving city at the highest elevation of the New World. Sacred Lake Titcaca is a key part of the visit. – by Viator

La Cumbre Death Road Bike Adventure

Triumphant cyclists sit on a cliff edge after a La Paz-area bike ride.

La Paz Day Tours Highlight: If traveling down a mountain at 40 miles an hour on your mountain bike sounds relaxing, this tour is for you. Departing from La Cumbre, an hour outside La Paz, daredevils are fitted with a great mountain bike and gear and follow their guide down. There are beautiful stops to view waterfalls and snow-capped mountains. You will certainly earn your included pasta buffet. – by Viator

Palca Canyon Hike

Snow-capped mountain viewed from Palca Canyon outside La Paz.

La Paz Day Tours Top Pick: The big tourist buses go to Moon Valley; you’ll be going to a hidden canyon worth every bit of the hike to get there. Lunch is cooked trailside! – by Viator

Foodie Walking Tour

A tourist smiles at a cocktail-shaking bartender in La Paz.

If you now eat quinoa thank Bolivia. On this visit to the Mercado Rodriguez and more, taste the incredible melange of native, Spanish and Italian food that is Bolivian. Crispy ham sandwich, gyros-style beef heart, yuca flour cheesy rolls? It’s not meat and potatoes for sure. Cocktails to finish. – by Get Your Guide

Rinconada and Pico Austria Trek

Hiker surveys Mount Condorir outside La Paz.

This is a challenging trek up to Pico Austria. Climbers looking to acclimate to higher Andean mountains often make this hike. The view of Mt. Condorir is spectacular. – by Viator

The next time I say let’s go to Bolivia, let’s go to Bolivia. – Butch Cassidy

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