Curated Activities – Beijing Day Tours

Hike the Great Wall

Beijing Day Tours: The Great Wall of China from the ramparts.

Beijing Day Tours Highlight: Get on a crowded bus and go to the site, take a pic… not this time. You will hike along a little-seen part of the wall with an expert guide. A small bus takes you to Jinshanglin, out of the city and on the edge of the wall. – by Viator

Forbidden City and Ice House Lunch

A restaurant near the Forbidden City in Beijing.

Special access to the Forbidden City is a rare chance to see inside the Emperor’s jaw-droppingly luxurious world. A multi course lunch makes you feel like royalty. – by Viator

Classic Calligraphy

Calligraphy examples on a classroom wall in Beijing, China.

It’s not just brush strokes. Without the right posture, you can’t even execute one move… or so the Chinese ancients said. You will go home with a Zhuan Shu dynasty scroll you made yourself. – by Viator

Hutong Food and Beer

Tourists enjoy a hot pot in Beijing, China.

The Lama Temple is where you will meet your tuktuk and guide for this dive into dives, otherwise known as the old residential area of Beijing, the hutongs. Unlimited local beer and five food stops will open your eyes to the real Chinese food experience. – by Viator

Martial Arts Show and Dinner

It’s a show and also a real demonstration of kung fu. The sheer grace and physicality are impressive. Bonus is the genuine Peking duck dinner from a 100 year old institution. – by Get Your Guide

“By tradition, Beijing is a city of walls, sheltering its intrigues and ambitions behind a series of concentric barriers from the Great Wall down to courtyard homes that draw sunlight only from the gardens at their core.” – Evan Osnos

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