Stockholm Day Tours

Curated Tours and Activities in Stockholm, Sweden

Experience the beauty and charm of Stockholm with Day.Tours’ Stockholm day tours! From the colorful buildings of Gamla Stan to the stunning Vasa Museum, Stockholm offers a unique blend of history and modernity. Indulge in delicious Swedish cuisine and immerse yourself in the city’s rich culture. Book your tour today and discover the magic of Stockholm!

What are you waiting for? The adventure awaits, but it will not do so forever” – Swedish Nomad

Some Stockholm Trip Ideas

  1. The Archipelago – Stockholm is surrounded by thousands of islands, and visitors can take a ferry tour to explore the breathtaking scenery, historic sites, and quaint villages of the archipelago.
  2. Drottningholm Palace – This historic palace, located just outside Stockholm, is the residence of the Swedish royal family and features well-preserved Baroque architecture and beautiful gardens.
  3. Uppsala – This historic city, located about an hour from Stockholm, is known for its medieval castle, cathedral, and university, and is also the site of many important Viking burial mounds.
  4. Mariefred and Gripsholm Castle – Located on Lake Mälaren, these two towns are home to Gripsholm Castle, a well-preserved Renaissance castle that houses an important art and cultural museum.
  5. The Stockholm Archipelago Kayak Experience – For a more active adventure, visitors can take a guided kayak tour of the Stockholm archipelago to explore the islands and waterways and enjoy the fresh sea air.

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