Copenhagen Day Tours

Great things to do in Copenhagen

Have you explored Copenhagen yet? Our Copenhagen day tours will show you the best of the city, from charming neighborhoods to historic landmarks. Book now and experience the beauty of Denmark’s capital!

“Danes are blunt and direct and trusting and secure”Helen Russell

Some Copenhagen Day Trip Ideas

  1. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art: A world-renowned museum located just outside of Copenhagen that showcases contemporary art and sculpture set in stunning grounds and gardens.
  2. Helsingør (Elsinore): A historic town located just north of Copenhagen, known for its well-preserved Renaissance castle, Kronborg, which served as the setting for William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet.
  3. Roskilde: A charming town located just 30 minutes by train from Copenhagen, known for its impressive Viking ship museum and historic cathedral.
  4. Dragør: A picturesque fishing village located just south of Copenhagen, known for its well-preserved half-timbered houses, charming streets, and beautiful beach.
  5. Malmö: A vibrant city located just across the bridge from Copenhagen in Sweden, known for its modern architecture, cultural offerings, and thriving food scene.

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