Cologne Day Tours

Curated Tours and Activities in Cologne, Germany

Experience the beauty and history of Cologne with our exciting day tours! Discover the stunning Cologne Cathedral, explore the charming Old Town, and enjoy the local cuisine and culture. Book your tour today and create unforgettable memories in this picturesque German city.

The River Rhine, it is well known, Doth wash your city of Cologne;
But tell me, nymphs! what power divine
Shall henceforth wash the river Rhine?” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Some Cologne Day Trip Ideas

  1. Düsseldorf: A vibrant city known for its fashion and arts scene, located about 30 minutes by train from Cologne.
  2. Bonn: The birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven and home to several cultural institutions, located about 20 minutes by train from Cologne.
  3. Aachen: A historic spa town with a well-preserved medieval old town and the stunning Aachen Cathedral, located about 1 hour by train from Cologne.
  4. Bergisches Land: A scenic region known for its rolling hills, forests, and small towns, located about 30 minutes by train from Cologne.
  5. Neuwied: A picturesque town on the banks of the Rhine River, known for its well-preserved medieval architecture and castle, located about 1 hour by car from Cologne.

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