Curated Activities – Kiev Day Tours

Craft Beer Tour

Tattooed hand toasts friends with Kiev specialty beer.

Visit 4 craft beer pubs in an evening, with 5 generous pours. Two stops are speakeasies. Talk about drinking with locals.- by Viator

Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Abandoned Ferris wheel at Pripyat outside Chernobyl.

It’s a 2 hour ride to the abandoned town of Pripyat. You’ll need your passport to pass into the Exclusion Zone but the somber sight of the crumbling structures is unforgettable. Lunch is brought in from outside and a radiation check is part of your day. – by Viator.

Pechersk Monastery and Lavra Caves

Kiev's Pechersk Monastery in autmn.

Russian orthodox religious figures lived a precarious existence once Communism took hold of Ukraine. The monastery was a retreat for the faithful where hidden caves preserved artifacts. An on-site museum of miniatures is fascinating. – Viator

Ukrainian Food Walk

Vintage street lamp anchors a Kiev cobblestone market street.

Simple foods that go back to the Middle Ages. That’s what you will sample. Be it buckwheat, borscht, or cherry dumplings. Delicious.- by Viator.

Under Kiev -Cold War Bunker

Tourist stands inside Cold War bunker under the city of Kiev.

Kiev Day Tours highlight: Don your provided Soviet-era boots and walk the sewers of Kiev and experience the secret world of the Cold War. Step right inside a bunker. You’ll shiver. – by Viator

Snow, the Dnieper… there is no more beautiful city than Kiev.”Mikhail Bulgakov

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