Curated Activities – Day Tours in Cape Town

Cape of Good Hope and Penguins

Penguins entering the ocean at the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa.

Travel the rugged and gorgeous coastline en route to the breathtaking sight of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meeting at the Cape of Good Hope. You’ll take a small craft out to Duiker’s Island to see rare Cape Fur seals and later see ostriches and the endangered African tuxedo penguin. – by Viator

Atlantis Dunes and San Tribal Heritage

A guide discusses tribal heritage near Cape Town, South Africa.

Driving west from Capetown takes you to miles of spectacular white dunes, where you’ll do an easy hike. Then it’s a lagoon visit, followed by immersion in the story of the San people, the so-called First People of Africa and probably the planet. A must do. – by Viator

Table Bay Schooner Cruise

A schooner takes to sea near Cape Town, South Africa.

Experience old school sailing on a modern masted schooner. An hour out on Table Bay and you’ll see why South Africans love their water. – by Get Your Guide

Township Tour

Tourists visiting the District 6 museum near Cape Town, South Africa.

South Africa’s harsh recent history is explored with a genuine Township-born guide taking you through Longa township and the District 6 museum. Of course you do visit a witch doctor. Huh? Yes, you do. Robben Island, site of the notorious high security prison, is also a stop. Fascinating day. – by Viator.

Lion Park

Lions surround a tour vehicle in South Africa.

A visit to Africa without seeing lions? And zebras, and giraffes and antelope, and you get the picture. Door to door from your hotel. – by Viator

“Visit Cape Town and history is never far from your grasp.– Tahir Shah

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