Curated Activities – Day Tours in Belgrade

Full Day Danube and Iron Gate Park

Belgrade’s location at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers have made it a juicy target for war and conquest – some 144 times since the 2nd century to be exact. Experience stunning gorges and valleys, a 14th century fortress and an 8000 year old settlement all in one day. – by Viator

Belgrade in a Day

Celts, Romans and many more conquerors have passed through Belgrade, leaving their mark. Experience Brutalism, cobblestones, and 19th century mansions all in a day. Not to mention a visit to totalitarian leader Tito’s grave. – by Viator

Belgrade Under Communism

Tito’s ruthless scheming had him emerge as the post-WWII leader of Yugoslavia. See the gray edifices built to memorialize his time as a despot, and hear stories of the struggle to be free. – by Get Your Guide

Old Serbia and Shargan Train

Western Serbians are proud of their old traditions. A preserved village dedicated to old crafts and traditions is just part of your visit. In season, you’ll ride a stunning railway through remote gorges to the fairy tale town of Kustendorf. – by Viator.

Underground Belgrade Plus Wine Tasting

Get underneath the city for a half day learning about the successive rules of the Romans, Turks and Serbians. An underground vault has examples of each period. Plus some Serbian wine to cap the tour. – by Get Your Guide

The city has stood at the crossroads of trade since ancient times. Now it’s famous for its magical effect on travellers.” – Galina Polinskaya

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